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Amazing India

Despite the fact that India has been a land where women have traditionally remained confined to the kitchen has given the highest number of Miss Worlds in recent years.India has the maximum number of illiterates in the world but at the same time India has the highest number of Software Professionals in the world also.

classical musicYou can find both the breathtaking grandeur of Mughal monuments or South Indian temples and some village home made with local materials such as mud.classical dance

Indian handicrafts continue to thrive despite rapid industrialization and a fast growing market economy. Clay water jars, lamps, agricultural tools are still in daily use in millions of homes.

AyurvedaIndia's classical music and dance which are highly developed forms, based on texts that are 2000 years old, are as popular as the songs and dances of Bollywood films.

Although India has the latest and highly advanced research centers for modern medicine, the traditional system of naturopathy, homeopathy, ayurveda, acupressure, acupuncture, and yoga,,, also have a very large following.

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