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Costumes of India

All over India, even if young boys and girls are now influenced by the western fashion, they still wear traditional Indian like most of the oldest generations.

SarisIndia is unique for the diversity of its costumes. According to the regions in India, according to the celebrations you will discover many different traditional costumes. You will be surprised and attracted by the bright colors of the saris worn by the women in Rajasthan, and you will be impressed to see how with just an unstitched cloth men manage to create a turban.

The most famous Indian costume which is worn for by women for daily life as well as for weddings is the sari. This unstitched cloth is draped gracefully, and it is real technique to wrap a sari. If you go to Kerala, you will see that women wear a two piece sari or mundu-veshti, and if you are in the state of Maharashtra, women get used to wear the sari in a style close to a dhoti. costumes of indiaA dhoti is a cloth that you tie around the waist or tuck between the legs. It gives the impression of a loose trouser. The dhoti kurta which consists of a dhoti and a long sleeve tunic is the traditional male costume.

Another famous suit for women is the salwar kameez: baggy pajama (salwar), a loose tunic (kamaz), dupatta (long scarf that you wear around your neck or on your shoulder). This practical suit was first worn by women in Punjab, from now on all Indian women wear it, and it is also suitable for weddings.

costumes of india-OdhniIn Rajasthan and Gujarat, women wear the Ghaghara, which is a long skirt tied with a drawstring. For the top they wear a choli, tight fitting tunic, and an odhni, which is a scarf tucked into the waist and which covers the head.


costumes of india-TurbanFor men, you will notice quickly that the turban is the most important accessory. The style and the color of your turban depends on your social, religious, caste and regional status. So, the Sikhs are easy to identify with their characteristic turban, this religious community is mainly present in Punjab. In Rajasthan, wearing a turban is among the state's culture.

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