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Famous quotes

Hindi is the highly spoken language, and widely understood in the country. One can get by with English almost anywhere in India, but most Indians are delighted and warmly appreciate if a visitor makes an attempt to speak their language. Therefore we present the following famous phrases in Hindi…..

In English In Hindi
In Emergencies
help! Bachao!
Medicines Davai
please call a doctor/ ambulance doctor / ambulance ko bulaiya
Where is nearest hospital? nazdeek hospital kahan hain?
I'm not feeling well meri tabiyat theek nahi hai
where is...? kahan hai...?
when will... be back? vaapas kab ayenge?
Call the police police ko bulaiye
Useful Phrases
how are you? aap kaise hain?
Very well, thank you hum theek hai,dhanyavad.
What is your name? aap ka naam kya hai?
My name is mera naam... hai
See you phir milenge
what is the time? kitna baja hai?
where are you from? aap kahan se aaye hain?
Do you speak English? kya aap angreji bolte hai?
I don't Understand maine nahin samjha
Please speak slow aap dheere boliye
How far is it? kitna dur hai?
cold Thanda
good Achcha
bad Bura
open khula
Close bandh
right side daayen taraf
near pass
Far dur
Up oopar
down neeche
outside bahar
inside andar
fast jaldi
slow dheere
bus bus
Road Sadak
Way Raasta
house Ghar
Fan pankha
Electricity bijlee
Train Train, Rail gadi
aeroplane hawai jahaj.
namaste, namskar
Yes Han
No nahi
Thank you Dhanyavad , Shukriyan
Time Samay
Day Din
Night Raat
Morning Subah
Evening Shaam
Afternoon dopeher
Today AAj
Tomorrow Kal
Yesterday Kal
There Udhar
Food khana
Water Paani
Girl Ladki
Boy Ladka
Women Aurat
Man Aadmi
Who Kaun
Why Kyon
What kya
Where Kahan
When Kab
Which Kaun
How kaise
One , Two , Three Ek, Do , Teen
What is this? Yeh kya hai?
Clothes Kapda
Shoes Joota / juta
Big Bara
Small Chhota
Black Kala
White Safed
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