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Fine Arts

Architecture: You could enjoy in India both sacred and secular architecture.

Architecture of IndiaIndia's 2000 year old architectural heritage is intrinsically linked to the country's major religions. Indigenous forms include Buddhist stupas and monasteries and Hindu and Jain temples in diverse styles. Many Indian temples share common structural characteristics, mostly are built with stone columns and horizontal blocks, richly carved with sacred imagery and decorative motifs.

Famous Hindu temples: The Mukteshwar temple (Orissa), Kerala's temples, Temples of Khajuraho. Throughout India, but mainly in Rajasthan and Gujarat, you will visit some magnificent secular buildings such as forts, palaces, and mansions. Built by powerful ruling and aristocratic families these buildings combine monumental scale and decorative elements.



Cinema : With cricket and politics, cinema is one the three passions of Indians. Hindi films of BollywoodBollywood are a fascinating mix of romance, violence, comedy, and tragedy, interspersed with songs and dances as well as a social or moral message.
Even if the 3 hour movies will seem to be long for foreigners, usually it is worth to watch a Hindi movie for the movie theater and the atmosphere and excitation of the audience. In India, the spectacle isn't where it is expected to be!!

Classical Music and Dance:Classical Music & Dance Indian music and dance are simultaneously modes of worship and a joyous celebration of life. Based on ancient codified texts, they originated as a form of worship in the temples, and gradually acquired a more secular character with royal patronage. Different regions of India have their own

classical dance forms: Kathakali in Kerala, Manipuri in the northeast, Bharat Natyam from Tamil Nadu, Odissi in Orissa and Kathak in northern India, are among the classical dance forms. On the contrary classical music is distinguished by two main styles-Hindustani and Carnatic, specific to South India.

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