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Since the ancient times, the sages of India have honed the art of alternative medicine for healing- ayurveda, aroma therapy.

SpiritualismAyurveda deals with the body as a whole and its relationship with the natural environment and the cosmos. It works on the prevention of the disease.

One of the more common healing methods is the massage. You could enjoy these treatments mainly in the state of Kerala, with special Ayurvedic packages, and also in Rajasthan.

Spiritualism Another traditional system of healing the mind and the body is yoga. Yoga seeks to unite the individual soul with the universal soul or god, by controlling one's mental and physical faculties.

Usually practiced early in the morning, yogic exercises commence with deep breathing and are followed by the various postures (asana).

Other treatment is the especially famous "fish treatment" in Hyderabad, which is said to be very effective for curing asthma.

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