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Shopping Tips

ask for an extra discountIn small shops and in small towns, bargaining is a standard practice. If you are buying in bulk you can ask for an extra discount. Just pick up what you want, and ask the shopkeeper about the price and then start the process of bargaining; slash the price by 50% in the first go and then whatever he can offer best, agree to it but mostly after a nice discussion.

Try to stay calm while you are shopping in India. The prices in larger shops and government emporia are usually fixed.


Business Hour

10am to 6pm,Government offices work from 9.30am to 6pmMonuments are normally opened from 10am to 6pm.and generally closed on Mondays and government holidays. Government offices work from 9.30am to 6pm, from Monday to Friday.

Markets and shops stay open until at least 7pm in most places, and working on Sunday is not something rare in India.


Tipping Tipsdoormen

There are no norms; however, usually 10% of the bill is usually acceptable at hotels and restaurants. Porters and doormen could be awarded with 5 or 10 rupees.



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