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Geography of India

Geography of indiaIndia is divided into 28 states and 7 Union territories stretching from the majestic Himalayas in the North to the coastline borders on the Arabian Sea, the Indian Ocean and the Bay of Bengal in the South. India features an amazing diversity of landscapes and vegetation. The Himalayan landscape in the North encompasses snowcapped peaks, glacial streams and pinecovered slopes. Then in the central India, are the fertile and densely populated Indo-gangetic Plains. Three rivers, the Indus, the Ganges and the Brahmaputra, are concentrated in this valley. In the west of India, the Thar Desert and the semi-arid scrublands represent the main landscapes but with an important variety of flora and fauna.Geography of india The Deccan plateau covered with black volcanic soil is situated in the South of the Gangetic Plains and flanked by the forests of the hills of the Western and Eastern Ghats. The Indian coasts include sandy beaches in Goa or Kerala, along with coconut palms, coral reefs in the Andaman's, and mangrove forests in the West Bengal and Orissa.

According to the region, and to the latitude, you could find Geography of indiadifferent kinds of climate in India, however, we could say that the autumn and the spring, even if they are short seasons, are really pleasant. The rest of the year is divided into the summer, the winter and the monsoon.
The highest temperatures are recorded in Rajasthan, close to the Thar Desert, and with the Western Ghats, these are the driest areas in India. If the Himalayan belt enjoys a cool summer, the lowest temperatures have been recorded in this area, where the snow is abundant in winter. The central Deccan and the South have a tropical monsoon climate with high temperatures. The coastal regions are humid and warm, with torrential rains. Usually the northeast states and the coasts are hit by the monsoon and cyclones.


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