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Indian Hospitality

Indian hospitality-Athithi Devo Bhavah"Athithi Devo Bhavah" which means "Guest is GOD" is a common feeling in the heart of every Indian. Though India is not highly developed and a major part of its population is living below the poverty line. Despite the fact that many of them do not have enough funds to eat two proper meals a day, they would always have a smile on their face which is a gesture of greeting their guests.

Guests of family become the guests of the entire village and each family will try their level best to make the guests feel comfortable and so that the tourists remember them for a life time they will try and bring the best possible gift (which they can afford) for the tourists, even if it is a small hand-made cane basket. An Indian will not mind spending hours for a tourist who is in some trouble, trying to understand his problem, and going miles with him to take him to the destination.

A special guest is given a red carpet welcome with showers of flowers, dances, superb Indian music…etc Remember former American president Bill Clinton coming to India ( in a small village near Jaipur), about which he doesn't stop saying it as an ultimate hospitable experience. But if you are not that special, don't worry; Indian hospitality-NAMASTE,WELCOMEIndians will make you feel special in any circumstances. If a lot of people in India stare at you, don't be scared, because that the style of showing that you are really attractive and special. Indians will feel grateful if you attend any of their happy occasions. (Weddings, festivals…) and believe us they make you feel like a VIP.

And after all this, if you want to give them a small gesture of gratitude, a humble NAMASTE will make them feel satisfied.

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