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Fifth Season of India: Weddings

Indian WeddingYou can not know or imagine an Indian wedding until you attend one. If an Indian asks you, how the western weddings are, don't try to compete with them, because Indian Weddings are completely amazing and looks like a royal celebration.

Fanfare, fireworks, horses or elephants, screen for broadcasting the wedding, stage for the bride and the groom, movie settings, waitresses which get around to serve you and bring you all that you desire are common things for Indian weddings. Fruits pyramid, chefs preparing all the kinds of sweets, breads, and dishes that you can find in the state in front of you… Weddings are really glittering events, showcase for the range and variety of Indian clothes, such a celebration keeps the traditional customs alive. As a foreigner, you will receive a special reception and you will be awarded a special place during the celebration.

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